It's coming back!

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Cabin Fever

Finally got tired of waiting for my shed to unfreeze so I cut a hole in it. I pulled what I needed out and put everything in my pool room. Back to BUILDING!!! Lets get this R5 put back together and running before the big thaw!

A spot of warm weather

Just leaving warm weather in California to come home to unmotivating cold. But I did leave with energy to start building again. I know it's cold but I will make something work! Came across and RD350 in Long Beach , real clean but never got the chance to meet the owner.

Maybe this is a sign I need to get my ass in gear and get riding again soon. I'll be back in the shed as soon as I get back!

-- Bam! From My iPhone

Location:El Manor Ave,Los Angeles,United States

Tuning = Time

Once I had finally decided on a setup for this bike I can really start to tune this thing. Made my own filters too. I have been stabbing in the dark at his CL with all the little problems it has had. The closer to a good running bike I get the easier it is to find more problems. Once I get good gas flow I can move onto carbs. Once the carbs aren't flooding or sticking I can move onto spark and coils. It's always a process. And if you don't follow the systems natural order you will always be running in circles. With huge problems comes huge patience. I sealed the tank in a very very cheap way, vinegar and left over sealer from Wolf. The petcock (we need to change that word) is no longer clogging thanks to the sealing. The carbs are only sticking sometimes so the engine is getting gas. Check recheck and smell the plugs for clues on how the bike is running or not running. Now I'm working on the spark and ignition system. New points and maybe new coils, still workin the process.

Lets get a ride in!!!

We got to get a ride in, no matter the weather. It might be 60 I heard.